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Battle tactics idea
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{ AWOL }xCoUnTrYxMEDICx 23rd Jul 2015

Joined: 19th Jul 2015
Rank: AWOL
Posts: 50
Likes 38

For battle every one has wondering how to proceep in certain situation and what to do when it happens. No one is really prepared and everyone has to make that split second dessision with can benifit the mission or ruin it.
I've bin doing a lot of thinking and and research yet haven't found anyone come up with the idea.

Everyone knows there is a spectator mode and 4 slots for it. During battles thsee slots can be filled up with our members to be so call " undercover agents / battle spy"
there obective is to free roam in the games spectator free camera and relay enemy position, c4 mines tanks and traps. Even help out squads that are in a tight position and need a evacuation rought even try to flank enemy position locate snipers and so on soforth.

Like I say " war is never fair ! !!!!"

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John_Sheldon 25th Jul 2015

Joined: 12th Jun 2015
Rank: --
Posts: 134
Likes 95

That is a very good suggestion as we shall utilize every aspect of the game as we can. It isn't considered cheating but having eyes in the sky is always a good thing. 
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