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Clan Video. (XBOX ONE & PS4 )
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{ AWOL }xCoUnTrYxMEDICx 23rd Jul 2015

Joined: 19th Jul 2015
Rank: AWOL
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Hello in a few months when I'm able to get back online I'll be creating a Cinematic Clan Video / Picture Crew, basically butting a a crew withing the clan. Players both on Xbox and PS4 that have a game capture card are welcome to contact me in a Private message.

The basics of this is is trying to get the best cinematic footage together pot from Xbox and ps4 to create clan video. If you have a game capture card and do not know how to do that I'll be gladly to help.

- every squad should get a aqua picture like the real military does from you AI in game as a group
- the whole Patton should Get a picture also and each diving their own r elastic in game group picture.
- then every year at the end of the year there will be a clan picture basically taking a picture of everyone in the XBOX Division and everyone in the PS4 Division. ( creates unity)

-videos will be taken in spectator mode from free camera with no hud to create the best cinematic video you can.
-all videos you guys take either staged or in game that are the top 5 of the week will be sent in to me to be edited in the clan video / recruitment video / division video / etc depending on the theme of the video.
To promote the clan by YouTube on our website and sharing it with other people making recruitment a ltitle bit easier on the recruiters. By just having them watch the video. And having a professional look to the videos.

External game capture cards only such as Roxio Game capture card , Roxia Game capture card HD etc.

NO xbox recode game play from the console or the ps4 console it has to be recorded on the capture card and stored on the pc therfore Ill be working with high end Eddington programs that require certain files to do certain. Effects that the consoles don't provide.

Leave comments if you have any other ideas on this subject I'll be checking every day. If your Inote rested in being apart of the Video Picture Crew leave me a private message.
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