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Room Clearance Techniques
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IrishArmy95 20th Aug 2015

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Good day brothers. I know I have not been in S.F.O.C. long enough. I would however, like to add some advice. I am currently stationed in Bahrain for 2 years, and in that time we work with Navy SEALs, EOD, Marines, Army, Air Force, and NCIS. During bootcamp, I absorbed 5 different ways to clear a room. Leaving me confused. I would like to add a universal room clearance technique out of the Navy SEALs book. It is better shown than spoke of but, it will be done. You can stack up on a building normally, but the 1 man is " attacking the crack". He will always be aiming his weapon at the door handle side of the door. The 2 man will cross from behind the 1 man and "cut the pie" on the door to switch to the opposite side. There should be an equal amount of personnel on both sides of the door. The man closest to the doors relative handle is the breacher. Now, if there is no door, the 1 man in the the squad is the breacher. At this point the entry team will verbalize that the team is stacked. Then, the 2 man will confirm squad stacked to the breacher. The breacher will then say "breaching" and throw a flash bang into the room. Right after the flash bang sets off, the 2 man will cross in front of the breacher into the room hugging the wall on the right side, then the breacher will cross behind 2 man hugging the left wall clearing it and moving to a position on both sides of the room so that the rest of the team may enter. The rest of the team will enter the same way as the 2 man and the breacher. The 1 or or 2 team members in the back of the stack will cover the six o'clock. The team members at the six will find cover or concealment at the bottom of the stairs, if the building as floors, or in th back of th squad if single floor. Now, when the building is clear, the member covering six will lead the team through the same door they breached to enter the building. That is because the doorway you entered has been cleared of any traps or mines and is constantly watched by the 6 man. When you exit a building, you stack up inside, 6 man becomes breacher and last man is 6 man. You breach outside, but you make a perimeter covering all sectors. Last man will cover the door way inside the building. Your squad leader will then direct the squad to other buildings and objectives via intelligence and orders passed down from higher ups. This concludes my presentation. If any questions, feel free to ask. If demonstration is required, set a time and day.

- PVT. IrishArmy95
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