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suggestions for boot camp.
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{ AWOL }USMC6199 18th Aug 2015

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Hello everyone.
I would like to put forth some suggestions to possibly be implemented into boot camp. Still being a recruit having only phase 3 left then looking forward to BCT i cant really make too much of an insightful suggestion but for the help of reality i would suggest changing the qualification with iron sights to using the acog and pushing out the distance if applicable. The Marines revamped their marksmanship training and even recruits are required to train with an rco (acog). Marines also get issued foregrips and peqs (laser sight). Maybe if you wanted make 3 levels of marksmanship. Basic (iron sights standard distance) advance (acog ect.) Expert (sniper m40 8x bipod suppressor). Possibly have recon training of recon teams to go scout ahead train on cover and concealment and the differences. Support class (talking guns, target suppression ect.) Maybe a 203 qualification for squad leaders (most squad leaders have a 203) maybe a squad leaders course. Convoys? Im not sure exactly how realistic you are trying to go with this. Those are a few things I thought about.
Have a good day.
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