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53rd S.F.O.C Boot Camp Timeline at a Glance
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John_Sheldon 8th Jul 2015

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Inside the 53rd's S.F.O.C Boot Camp

The 53rd S.F.O.C's boot camp training is considered to be one of the toughest out of all the PS4's Mil-Sim Community. There is 2 53rd S.F.O.C Boot Camp locations that recruits will be training on, Golmud Railway & Paracel Storm (Non-Premium Maps).

Recruit Training

All 53rd S.F.O.C recruits will start there Boot Camp training at 53rd S.F.O.C's Recruit Depot at Golmud Railway (53rdRD). This is where PS4's Battlefield Community men & woman are turned into 53rd S.F.O.C Soldiers. Shared experiences create a bond between each other that no one can break & prevent them from accomplishing their mission.

53rd S.F.O.C's recruits are trained not only physically & mentally, but morally as well. Forming the bedrock of any 53rd S.F.O.C's character are the core values -" Honor, Courage & Commitment, This is what we do, This is who we are. To be the best Mil-Sim you must be mature, work hard & want to be the best Mil-Sim. We want to be a Mil-Sim that everyone wants to be apart of & only yourself can make it that way. Remember, Honor Courage & Commitment". Incorporating these values into recruitment training a 53rd S.F.O.C Recruit / Soldier isn't just a basic trained morally conscious soldier, but also a better civilian in the PS4 Gaming community.

Upon arrival at the (53rdRD) A new recruit begins a 3 Phase Training Program, a virtually non-stop journey that will turn them from a recruit to a 53rd S.F.O.C Soldier by the end.

53rd S.F.O.C Recruit Depot at Foxtrot in Golmud Railway Phase I 

The first phase is the transition from PS4 Battlefield "Run & Gun" Gamer to the 53rd S.F.O.C's Recruit. It all takes place at Golmud Railway (53rdRD). Recruits will undergo Physical Training, 53rd S.F.O.C's History training & First Aid.

A 53rd S.F.O.C Recruit's first stop is called "Recruit Receiving" . This is where the recruit will spend there first day of their recruit training experience. The following is the process that will be taken during the recruits first day of recruit training under the Phase One training program. 

- - -  The recruit will be taught how to properly line up at attention (left foot on the line & arms length apart) & also receive their first gear issue check. A gear issue check is where the recruit will be ORDERED to change their Street gear from battlefield 4 & equip themselves with the standard issues 53rd S.F.O.C Recruit gear. The following items MUST be equipped.- - - 

1.) Recruits MUST be equipped with the 53rd S.F.O.C's Emblem on their left shoulder. That means that ALL recruits must go to the  ( 53rd's Battlelogs Page) & Request to join. Once you get into that you will see an option underneath the 53rd's Emblem that says "Use emblem or tag" You are to click on that & equip your solider with the new emblem. You also MUST change your clan tag to (SFOC) to represent the clans name from here on out.  

1a.) Recruits Primary Weapon MUST be equipped with the Standard issued UMC M16A4 or M4 (If unlocked). If you're European you are equipped with the L85A2 (If unlocked). If you have NON of the locked weapons unlocked you are to have a M16A4.

1b.) ALL Recruits must have NO Optics, NO Accessory's Equipped, Heavy Barrel MUST be on & equipped, The under barrel NO Attachment & Paint MUST be DEFAULT.

1c.) Recruits MUST equip as their secondary weapon the M9 or M1911 (If unlocked) . You are to have NO attachments except a Heavy Barrel & Default paint. 

1d.) Recruits are to be stripped of their gadgets (No Gadget 1, No Gadget 2) .

1e.) Recruits MUST be equipped with flares & are NOT to have any explosive devices to their disposal until told otherwise. 

Recruits MUST be equipped with a Bayonet & No other Knife. A bayonet is the standard issued knife of the 53rd S.F.O.C.  

 Recruits camouflage MUST be turned into default camouflage. The 53rd S.F.O.C holds a solid belief that everyone must be uniformed unless of rank. Anything below a Sergeant in the 53rd S.F.O.C must preview the Default Camouflage .

- - - After the previous equipment checks have been completed & Issued appropriately. The Recruits will go one a 1 1/2 Mile run along Golmud Railway in the (53rdRD). After the completion of the run, Recruits will learn the 53rd S.F.O.C's Missions statement 
" Honor, Courage & Commitment, This is what we do, This is who we are. To be the best Mil-Sim you must be mature, work hard & want to be the best Mil-Sim. We want to be a Mil-Sim that everyone wants to be apart of & only yourself can make it that way. Remember, Honor Courage & Commitment". - - - 

* Phase 1 will complete with a debriefing of the recruits & any questions will be answered *

Phase one is to get the recruits squared away with conforming to the Mil-Sim way. Remember YOU signed up for this, If this isn't what you want then don't waste our time & your's. Ring the bell & walk away. 

53rd S.F.O.C Recruit Range at Golmud Railway Phase II

Phase two of the recruit 3 Phase Training program moves up to the weapons field training battalion. All recruits MUST stay with the same set up as taught during phase two or else discipline will be handed out to the whole class. Remember you are ALL in it together.

- - - Recruits will hone close combat skills & master marksmanship training. Remember EVERY 53rd S.F.O.C Soldier is a rifleman first & foremost. It is during this time you will develop proficiency & confidence with your weapon. During this phase you will conduct most of your time doing field training & rifle qualifications. Recruits will undergo field firing range to end the day. - - - 

2.) Recruits MUST complete the Close Combat training exercise. 

2a.) Recruits MUST Complete the Master Marksmanship Training. 

- Master Marksmanship training consist of teaching you the fundamentals of using your M16A4, M4 or L85A2. 
- Recruits will be taught the 3 Shooting positions (Standing, Kneeling & Prone).
- Recruits are required to shoot 50, 100, 150 Yards. 
- Recruits are to complete the following to receive their rifle qualification award to place on your profile. 

2b.) Recruits MUST complete the Field Training exercise. 

- Field training consist of being able to hide in a location that you are not as visible to see to the enemy's eye. 

2c.) Recruits MUST complete the field firing range exercise. 

- Field firing range requires recruits to fire their guns in a field situation. 

- Recruits will learn how to fire while standing. 

- Recruits will learn how to fire at while moving at multiple targets. 

* Phase 2 will complete with a debriefing of the recruits & any questions will be answered *

53rd S.F.O.C Recruit Final Day at Paracel Storm Phase III

For the third phase of the recruits 53rd S.F.O.C's Boot Camp, Recruits will move to Paracel Storm (Non-Premium) Maps. They will undergo Swimming qualifications, A defensive driving course. Also inspections will be made & recruits will be headed to graduation pending all 3 boot camps have been completed. 

3.) 53rd S.F.O.C Recruits are to complete a Swim course handed down by the Drill Instructors. 

- Recruits are to swim from their spawn to Alpha & Back to their spawn

3a.) Recruits MUST drive around a course with water vehicles & work on extracting HVT's without beaching the vehicles & any complications. 

- Recruits are to be taught how to maneuver & regulate their speed when in water vehicles. 

3b.) Recruits are to be notified that they have successfully completed ALL 3 Phases & will be getting promoted on Saturday to Private (PVT) at the graduation &  Promotional Ceremony / Parade. 

* Phase 3 will complete with a debriefing of the recruits & any questions will be answered *

That is the COMPLETE run down & look at what ALL 53rd S.F.O.C Recruits should be expecting when attending boot camp. You are suggested to study this & be one step ahead of the ball as your Boot Camp experience will be significantly better. If you choose NOT to read this then that is up to you. Remember we here at the 53rd S.F.O.C are trying to make you into the best Mil-Sim solider we feel you are able to be. Best of luck to all! 

Colonel John Sheldon 
Head of Recruitment 

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