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The 53rd Rules & Regulations
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Rules & Regulations
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[NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS' Rules and Regulations

MUST Read : The following rules will be applied to EVERYONE who participate within [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS & Will be enforced & upheld strictly. All members are to read & follow the rules as they are in place to ensure everyone has a comfortable Military Simulation Clan experience. If said persons choose not to be aware & violate any of the following rules, They will be subjected to disciplinary actions that will come from [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Officers decision, as well as any major infractions, will be as well voted on due disciplinary actions per [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS' Officers.

Server Rules

  1. NO Team Killing.
  2. Must have Mic (If you do NOT have a mic you MUST provide valid reason why)
  3. Be a team Player.
  4. Be respectful to other players ([NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Members & Server Guest)
  5. NO team killing for vehicles.
  6. Take a screen shot of the person who Team Killed you and send it to a Server admin of Officer Who is online. Proper actions will be taken.
  7. DO NOT Revenge Kill Because someone Team Killed you Report the Person Immediately!

Training / War Server:
  1. NO Team Killing
  2. Do NOT use any vehicles unless told otherwise by an Officer or Drill Instructors.
  3. All HUD's MUST be turned OFF
  4. Single fire ONLY
  5. NO DMR's during LIVE fire exercises or OPS. (OR told other wise by an officer)
  6. NO Destruction of any building unless told otherwise.
  7. Jet Pilots and Attack Helicopter Pilots shall not discharge their weapons A.K.A NO airstrikes of any sorts (unless it's coordinated and ordered).
  8. Stand at attention with knives out until given orders by a ranked member who is in charge of the current operation. There shall be no running around aimlessly in the Training / War server.

Table of Contents

1.) Hacking

2.) Discrimination

3.) Bullying

4.) Flaming

5.) Unauthorized Mods

6.) Multiple Accounts

7.) Multiple Clans Joined

8.) International Illegal Activity

9.) Multiple Posting & Spamming

10.) Posting of Non-Constructive Content

11.) Bumping of Topics

12.) Posting of Personal Information

13.) Posting of Classified information

14.) Sharing of Private Messages

15.) Sharing of Mission Files

16.) Signature & Avatar Regulations

17.) Name Threads Accordingly

18.) Addressing Officers & Enlisted

A.) Knowing Your [NATO] THE WAR GENERALS Members Rank

19.) Messaging Officers

20.) Application & Forums

A.) Website Use


1.) Hacking

Rule Against Hacking

There will be zero tolerance of the threat (TOWARDS a member/members or overall [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS) or act of hacking (TO a member/members or [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Military Simulation Clan). If it is brought to [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS' attention that a current member is suspected of hacking or threatening of hacking it will be brought to investigation by our Personnel department & based on any findings of it to be true there WILL be a cause for immediate removal out of [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS plus you will be reported to Sony.

Definition of Hacking

The use of a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system as well as the use of exploits, scripts, trainers & programs to gain access to features that are restricted by the game itself.

- Term {Exploits} : Bugs in the system that are unpatched & lets the player duplicate inventory items, shoot unlimited bullets or be invincible.

- Term {Scripts} : Lines of codes imputed using exploits or injectors that are not part of the mission.

- Term {Trainers} : Raw Memory editing using Hex-edit or Cheat-engine programs that changes information.

- Term {Programs} : Injectors and trainers that are used for bug testing reasons but used for hacking as well.


2.) Discrimination

Rule Against Discriminating

People are here to have fun & share a experience & no matter where you are or what you do should any be subjected to Discrimination. Reports of any form of discrimination will be dealt accordingly by any [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Ranked Members. If reports of Discrimination should occur further then depending on what the previous disciplinary action that was taken will be doubled pending on the severity of the incident.

Definition of Discrimination

The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, sex, age or disabilities.


3.) Bullying

Rule Against Bullying

Any [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Member that sees the need to bully another member will be disciplined accordingly & if it should continue could be subjected to immediate discharge from [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS.

Definition of Bullying

The use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.


4.) Flaming

Rule Against Flaming

Shall NO member Flam any other member of said clan or any other clan. [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS represents a respectful clan & would like to continue to uphold that appearance. Any reports on Flaming will be subjected to discipline & or discharge from [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS.

Definition of Flaming

Flaming is defined as bashing on someone for their opinion by using poor argument techniques such as profanity and repetitive replies. Flaming can be illustrated using the Pyramid of Arguments from a case "Name-Calling" to a case "Contradiction":

- Term {Name Calling} : "You are an a**-hat"

- Term {Ad Hominem} : Attacks the characteristics of authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument.

- Term {Responding to Tone} : Criticizes to the tone of the writing without attacking the substance of the argument.

- Term {Contradiction} : State the opposing case with little or no supporting evidence.

- Term {Counter argument} : Contradicts and backs contradiction with reasoning and supporting evidence.

- Term {Refutation} : Find the mistake and explains why it's mistaken backed by quotes or evidence.

- Term {Refuting the Central Point} : Explicitly refutes the central point.If the discussion of the user is not civilized, admins may issue warnings to users.


5.) Unauthorized Mods

Rule Against Unauthorized Modifications

Do not run any modifications that are not authorized. This includes anything not on our mod repository and listed authorised client-side add on's. If you have a modification that gives you something we don't have or can spawn yourself things we do have, you take the risk of getting banned. Our servers performance is critical and unauthorised modifications can affect this.


6.) Double Accounting

Rule Against Double Accounting

Upon joining [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS you are not allowed to be a part of Enjin with multiple accounts through [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS. You are to have one account signed up to [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS. If you have multiple accounts you will be notified & questioned if [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS' Communications Department finds it of any threat to the Platoon.


7.) Double Clanning

Rule Against Double Clanning

Members that are a part of [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS are only allowed to be apart of [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS' Platoon & No other. Members are also not allowed to be apart of any other clan on Battlelogs as it is a security risk. If you are apart of another clan on Battlelogs you are to remove yourself from that. If you are told about it & still haven't removed yourself from the other clans then you will be subjected to discipline. If it continues & No progression on the situation, You will be discharged out of [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS.


8.) Illegal Activity

Rule Against Illegal Activity

Do Not Use our various avenues of communication to plan or execute anything illegal at the international level.

9.) Double Posting or Spamming

Rule Against Double Posting or Spamming

Posting more than one post in a row in the same thread is Spamming. In order to be able to post a second time after you've posted, you must either wait for another person to post or 24 hours. You may edit the post to add more information to it.

Using the up-vote function on posts may be considered spam if abused.

10.) Posting of Non-Constructive Content

Rules Against Posting of NON-Constructive Content

In serious thread either it can be on the website or PSN Messaging, During discussions, we encourage longer posts with constructive content for the topic. Avoid posting messages shorter than 2 sentences and stay on topic. Also posting of offensive pictures via chat & or one teammate being killed by self or another [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS member during a match or operation to make fun of that teammate will NOT be tolerated. Yes, we know you killed them so move along & don't rub it in.In doing so you will be either warned or depending on how serious it is you may be up for suspension/removal out of the [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS. Sloppy posting will NOT be tolerated as well & will be up for removal pending Website or PSN Admins decision on the matter.


11.) Bumping of Topics

Rule Against Bumping of Topics

Bumping is the action where the Original Poster or other users write a post in the thread to move it to the top of the forum page. It is considered spam as stated in Rule #9. You may only bump a thread if there's been an addition to the thread's content or if the thread is no longer visible on the first page on the forum page. The post that is used to bump a thread must contain more words than "bump" in ordnance to Rule #9.

12.) Posting of Personal Information

Rule Against Posting of Personal Information

Posting your Personal Information or someone else's information is a more serious infraction.Even if you have a person's consent to post its information, you may not.

Personal Information includes; Name, Family name, Address, City, Street name, Street number, Social Security numbers, Bank related numbers, Email addresses, Nicknames from other communities, Family relation's information and more.

A person that has been violated by this rule may contact admins and report the post to have the rule breaker punished.


13.) Posting of Classified Information

Rule Against Posting of Classified Information

Each member is part of a Division in the community. It should be assumed at all times that information regarding that Division is not to be shared between other Divisions. Information may be shared if it is specifically told that it is OK to do so.


14.) Sharing of Private Messages

Rule Against Sharing of Private Messages

Private Messages are private! All parties of a shared message must consent to the sharing of the content in the message. This rule may be broken if any other rule has been broken and the content of the message is to be used as proof of the rule breaking.


15.) Sharing of Missions files

Rule Against Sharing of Missions Files

The maps provided in the community are for the members only. Countless hours are put into making the missions without any creditors or rewards. Anyone stealing our missions steals our valuable time.

As a member, you can host it on your computer and play it with members of the community.


16.) Signature & Avatar Size Regulations

Your signature should be less than 2MB in total size. Optimal Size is 1MB.

Your avatar should not be larger than 250KB, preferably 100KB for best performance. Avatars and Signatures must follow all the rules.


17.) Name Threads Accordingly

A thread's title should reflect its content in detail as much as possible.

Avoid short titles using expressions or profanity.


18.) Addressing Members and Staff

Out of Game in a non-game related Party channel, etiquette is relaxed. members are under no constraint to formally address other members.

18 / A.)
Knowing Your [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS Members Rank

Failure to properly know your [NATO] THE 101ST WAR GENERALS members current rank that you are playing with & or are trying to address will result in proper disciplinary action. It is REQUIRED (Rule #20 A. Website Use) to pay attention to the website & the proper ranks of ALL members are listed there so no one should have any problem. You are NOT to ask anyone what their ranks are as you should already know (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Etc ..) Bring up our website & check.


19.) Messaging High Ranked Staff

Rule Against Messaging High Ranked Staff

Please only message top tier staff with important request and concerns. If you have a minor inquiry please ask a mid-tier member first.


20.) Applications, Forms, Chat box, Shouts, Posts, News, Comments

All rules apply to Applications, forms, posts, chat box, shouts, posts, news and comments.

Everywhere a user can write freely is to be supervised by the rules.

20 / A.) Website Use

ALL New & Current members MUST read & get familiar with the website as it is a place that MOST information will be posted in regards to Training, Ops, Members Ranks, Awards, Calendar Dates, Etc . . . Failure to look at the website before asking an Officer or Enlisted member when certain events will take place or what is the rank of another will be subjected to disciplinary actions.


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